Q3/2022 MAFSI Business Barometer: Industry Sales Abate to High Single Digits as Supply and Demand Come into Balance

Q3/2022 MAFSI Business Barometer: Industry Sales Abate to High Single Digits as Supply and Demand Come into Balance

Post by MAFSI
November 28, 2022
Q3/2022 MAFSI Business Barometer: Industry Sales Abate to High Single Digits as Supply and Demand Come into Balance

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Overall sales for Q3/22 continued to abate with a still healthy advance of +9.0%, having receded from +17.3%, +15.2%, and +14.3%, over the past year and a record high of +19.1% in Q2/21. This represents the first time in the past 6 quarters that the sales increase was single digit.

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The forecast for Q4/22 vs Q4/21 is +8.0%, down from +20.7%, +17.9%, +16.8%, +13.2%, and +11.5%, over the past 6 quarters. Whereas we are now measuring GROWTH ON GROWTH, in the prior year we were measuring GROWTH ON PANDEMIC FACTORS.

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Although there currently is no industry wide definitive measurement of Foodservice Equipment and Supply inflation, clearly most price increases over the past year have cumulatively been in the range of 10% to 20% (or higher!). As such, it is logical that's real growth in terms of unit sales, which very few companies actually report, has fallen into negative or at best, very minimal growth.

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Both Quotation and Consultant Activity have slowed as shown in the lower performance chart on Page 2 of the report. Aside from the Pandemic period, this is the first time in at least 7 years that more Reps are reporting less Quoting Activity at 32% Less than 29% More for a negative gap of -3%.

Certainly the pipeline is filling up with increased dealer stock and advanced ordering of projects to insure completion when needed and to beat price increases, coupled with the improvement of manufacturer's lead times. The long proven laws of Supply/Demand relationships are coming into balance as business normalizes.

MAFSI will be releasing its detailed annual forecast for 2023 very shortly.

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See Full Report - Qtr 3 2022 MAFSI Business Barometer

Executive Summary written by Michael R. Posternak, PBAC & Associates LTD. Eastchester, NY mp@pbacrep.com.

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Huge thanks to the rep firms that participated
in the Q3/2022 MAFSI Business Barometer

4 Star Reps, Inc.
AFS Anderson Foodservice Solutions
Agences Hamilton Agencies
Allied Technologies Food Equipment
Bob Waite & Associates
Cannon Marketing
Celco Inc.
Chrane Foodservice Solutions
CLV Marketing
CMA Foodservice Solutions
Collis Group, Inc.
Copperfield Agencies Limited
Cowan Associates
Dedicated Foodservice Solutions LLC
DJ Marketing & Associates
E. Ruff & Associates, Inc.
Elevate Foodservice Group
Equipment Preference, Inc. (E.P.I.)
Ettinger-Rosini / Waypoint
Finn Foodservice
Florida Agents, Inc.
Food Equipment Representatives, Inc.
Food Service Solutions Inc.
Forbes, Hever & Wallace, Inc.
Gabriel Group LLC
Greenwald Sales & Marketing, LLC
High Sabatino Associates

Hollander Company
HRI, Inc.
Johnson Pike & Associates, Inc.
Kain McArthur
Kaufmann & Associates
KBC Specialty Products, Inc.
Ken W. Thomson Associates Ltd.
KLH Marketing, Inc.
Link2 Hospitality Solutions
LRM Rep Group
Lund-Iorio, Inc.
MAC Sales & Marketing LTD.
McGill Hospitality
Mid-West Associates
Midwest Professional Reps, Inc.
Mirk Group
P3Reps-NNY/Lake Effect
Paglio & Associates, Inc.
PB & J Commercial Agents
PBAC & Associates LTD
Pecinka Ferri Associates
Permul Ltd.
Preferred Marketing Group
Premier Foodservice Solutions
Pro Reps West

Professional Manufacturers Representatives (PMR)
Professional Reps
Pro-Quip Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Inc
R. Henry & Associates
Raleigh W. Johnson & Company
Redco Foodservice Equipment, LLC
Schmid-Dewland Associates
Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps. Inc
Sharkey & Associates
Southwest Foodservice Equipment Marketing
stage KOLSTAD associates
The 2Market Group, Inc.
The Fischer Group
The Pantano and Pinilla Agency, Inc.
The Redstone Group
The YES Group
Thormann Associates
TLC Marketing Inc.
Total Source Equipment & Supply
Total Tabletop Plus
Vader & Landgraf, Inc.
Viola Group
Voeller & Associates, Inc.
W. D. Colledge Co., Ltd.
Walter Zebrowski Associates
Wyllie Marketing
Zink Foodservice

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Post by MAFSI
November 28, 2022
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