Tom Mitchell, MAFSI Chairman
By Tom Mitchell, MAFSI Chairman on June 03, 2021

Thank you for the honor of being MAFSI President

Note: Tom assumed the MAFSI presidency on Feb. 18, 2021 during the 2021 MAFSI Virtual Membership Meeting.

Thank you for the honor of being the MAFSI President. I look forward to the next two years to meet the challenges yet to come from Covid but also to get our world back to normal. To travel to trade shows, meet with customers face to face and dine out at our favourite restaurants. Just to sit with a crowd in a bar and cheer for a team or be in the stands.

As the representatives of the manufacturers of all things foodservice in equipment and smallwares we at MAFSI need to provide leadership to get the industry back on its feet. Working with manufacturers to get timely information on the industries needs, meeting with dealers to make sure they are aware of what is available and sitting down with restauranteurs to help them safely and efficiently get back to business.

There will be changes, there will be new players, new ideas and we must meet that challenge. At MAFSI we are working hard to provide you with the newest tools, the best data, and the kind of support few professional groups can offer.

I have been a rep in this industry for 38 years and own a smaller firm in a very large territory and I have seen plenty of change over the years. In the past many of you will remember when the tools were a rolodex, a phone, a briefcase, and a car. Everything was hands on and face to face. That has certainly changed, smart phones, drop boxes, CRMs, virtual reality, and Zoom are now the standards of today and what will be the next new thing? Be a member of MAFSI and you will find out because that’s what we do.

There will be opportunity and we want to make sure that you have the tools, knowledge, and information to grab that opportunity.

I would like to especially thank all the people that volunteer their time to be on the board of directors and make this organization better. And to the executive staff who do amazing work. And lastly, to the members who have elected me to this position. It is my honor and privilege to serve you.

See Tom Mitchell, TLC Marketing receive the president's trophy from chairman, Kevin Eaton, Eaton Marketing Associates.


Published by Tom Mitchell, MAFSI Chairman June 3, 2021
Tom Mitchell, MAFSI Chairman